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| November 29, 2015

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Road Trippin’ Essentials: Smokes, Labatt’s & More Smokes

November 17, 2015 |

I’ll get to the road trippin’ part in a bit, but first hear me out. If you were an alien looking down from space at the building a snowmobile trade show was in, it would probably look like a large birdfeeder but for middle-aged men.     The Saskatchewan show is by far my favorite because of the people. Harvest is done and that means farmers are looking for activities to do after church and a Costco run on Sunday; cue the sea of John Deere hats, real tree camo, and 19,000 Read more […]Read More

SNOW! The Latest from Golden via Trigger Point

November 16, 2015 |

Is there a more beautiful phrase than “Today we’re riding in Quartz Creek where we found some amazing early season riding…”  Here’s your first snow report of the year from Trigger Point Snow Services:

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It’s Happening! The Conditions from Whister-Pemberton

November 5, 2015 |

Ok – “don’t take the sleds out yet” is not exactly the go-ahead, but here’s the latest from Julie-Ann Chapman on the conditions in Whistler, Pemberton and area.  Read about it here.

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The Making Of Winter Project

November 3, 2015 |

Hybrid Color Films, the team that produced the stunning Winter Project film, have created a 10 part “Making Of” short film series starting with the early concept and collaboration and carrying all the way through to the film launch. If you haven’t seen Winter Project yet, you owe it to yourself as a sledder. The talented riding of the boys from AK is phenomenal to watch, but what really makes the sled film unique is the well researched storyline of the backcountry freestyle scene as it has progressed Read more […]Read More

Multiple Mountain Sledder Sleds for Sale!

November 2, 2015 |

Mountain Sledder has a bunch of Sleds for Sale. Buy at least one! Call Chuck at 250-344-5060 for more information or email Do not text. All prices in Canadian Funds. Sled #1 – Skinz Show Sled with only 54 miles……2015 T3 174 Summit – $17700 OBO ProTube Running Boards Rear Bumper Front Bumper- Rasmussen Front Suspension Kit with Fox Evol R Kashima Shock Package Fox Rear Shock Package – Kashima Skinz/Next level Seat Kit Ti Handle Bars Electronic ARC Kit Headlight Read more […]Read More

C-Dub’s Goodtimes Theory for Fun

October 24, 2015 | 1

“My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all.” – Steven Hawking   “What’s for lunch?” – Colin Wallace   Both are excellent examples of profound and scholarly insight from two of the world’s leading scientists in their respective fields of study. Steven Hawking may not have much time left, the 73-year-old physicist now being capable of moving just one muscle in his cheek to communicate. After being Read more […]Read More

Dan Adams and Travis Rice—Convergence

October 21, 2015 |

  Dan Adams and Travis Rice, who met back when Adams was a coach for the Jackson Hole Snowboard Team, got together late in Winter 2015 to film Convergence, a spot for Polaris that highlights a growing movement of sledding and snowboarding symbiosis. The short film portrays the two riders—who both evidently excel at the two considerably different sports—shredding the backcountry seemingly all to themselves at Baldface Lodge near Nelson, BC. The footage from BRAIN FARM is stunning as Read more […]Read More

The Look

October 9, 2015 | 1

If you want days like this, avoid “the look” at all costs. Photo Nick Reedy.   The look. Unless you are single and never had a significant other in your life—and no, snowmobiles don’t count as significant others—you know the look. It’s 5% fear, 5% jealousy, 10% hate, and 80% you better go back inside and help me out around the house.     It’s a look that can bring grown men to their knees and lesser men to tears. It will send icy shivers down your spine and Read more […]Read More

Avalanche Safety Webisode Kickstarter

October 6, 2015 |

There’s a new Kickstarter campaign that all mountain riders can get behind; it’s called “The Hunt for Zipper Mouth Creek”, and is the brainchild of Revelstoke locals Jeremy Hanke and Jeff Scott. The crowdfunding project aims to produce a series of free webisodes that will educate sledders about avalanche safety and help develop necessary backcountry riding skills. The duo plans to travel throughout North America this winter, stopping at 6 key locations to share, test and refine an avalanche Read more […]Read More

GEAR: Highmark Ridge Avalanche Airbag

October 5, 2015 |

New for Winter 2015/2016 from Highmark by Snowpulse is the HIghmark Ridge, a spin-off of the brand’s lightweight and minimalist Pitch avalanche airbag which has been popularized by top professional riders such as Chris Burandt. Not just the pros, but recreational sledders alike have begun to recognize the advantages of moving as much gear weight as possible off their body and onto their sled. This growing trend is in part due to the increased availability of super slick “on-sled” storage Read more […]Read More

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