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Mountain Sledder Magazine | January 28, 2015

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Trailer Drop: Trax Films’ “The Evolution of Snow Bikes”

January 16, 2015 |

Braaap Films’s Jaya Lange’s new project is entitled The Evolution of Snow Bikes.  Here’s a quick look at  what’s coming down the line:

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Don’t try this at home boys…

January 15, 2015 | 8

The first female up many of Revelstoke’s famed chutes, including The Monster, puts into words what it’s actually like to go up several of the oft-talked about—but less frequently claimed—big pulls.               by Megan Render   Disclaimer So I must first start this article with a small disclaimer, as I have heard so many times people say, “Well give me her sled and I could climb those too…” Contrary to popular belief, Read more [...]Read More

Skinz Console Knee Pads Review

January 14, 2015 |

Last year I purchased a new sled, and being sick of having either banged up knees or wearing knee pads under my bibs (which I personally hate), I decided to add some Skinz console knee pads to my new rig. I have to say that I am really happy with my decision. No more do I have banged up knees, and I don’t have the bulk and annoyance of wearing knee pads. To me this is a great solution to an issue that every sledder is faced with, the only downside being that it covers up a bit of my wrap and Read more [...]Read More

Avlanche Burial – Creek Side Hill – Valemount – Jan 10 2015

January 12, 2015 | 7

How quickly things can change. These guys were having fun in a fairly small area when the slopes on a creek bed release and bury one of their riders. A serious incident was avoided because of aware partners digging out the victim.

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Black Eyes – Jon Jean

January 11, 2015 |

Hey there,! Here’s the story about the day I broke my nose. My buddy Aaron and I were planning on going up to so-and-so zone near Revy, and then Brodie Evans and his crew were coming up like an hour later and we were gonna meet up. Anyway, Aaron and I took the wrong turn on the logging road and ended up like two mountains away, so we decided to try to still make it to so-and-so, and it turned into an awesome adventure! We had to go around one mountain and then cross a valley, Read more [...]Read More

Segment Sunday: Freestyle Snowmobiling Brandon Cormier – HWWP

January 11, 2015 |

Yukon ripper, Brandon Cormier, absolutely killing it on the freestyle ramps in this video from HWWP/Fnesken.

Youtube description: Freestyle Snowmobile riding. Brandon Cormier throwing some sweet jumps on his Polaris IQ. All edited by HWWP. For this season we´ve decided to co-operate with Hardly Worth Watching Productions so expect some big stuff coming from them this season! Everything will be posted here on our channel.

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509 Athlete – Riley Suhan

January 9, 2015 | 14

Riley Suhan, from Golden BC, joined the 509 team in 2014 and he made a big first impression.

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Ride Report – Nick Woods

January 7, 2015 |

  Hey, Nick Woods here. Well, another winter season has come and yet again we were dealt another awful early-season snowpack here on the coast, with super high freezing levels and a lack of snow that forced a late start to the season for me. So I was beyond excited when it was finally my last day of work! Saturday December 20 Had to get an early start, loaded up my truck with all my riding gear, and beelined it to Route 99 Motorsports to finish off some last minute things Read more [...]Read More

Road Trip Playlist – MSM6

January 6, 2015 | 1

You can leave for a road trip and forget many things without turning back: toothbrush, maps, gloves and driver’s license. But the one most important thing that must NOT be left behind is the tunes. Great music can make or break a road trip. I mean, how many times can you listen to the same old story from your friends about that time they woke up in a Mexican jail cell, after leading the Policia on a high speed chase, on a stolen scooter, through the streets of Tijuana, with a one legged hooker Read more [...]Read More

Broken MSM7 – YouTube Time Wasters – Funny

January 2, 2015 |

Got some time to kill? Here are 1 suggestions to help you laugh your life away.   1. Neature Walk – You can tell how neat it is by the way it is. It’s pretty neat. 2. Old Gregg – Pour yourself a shoe of creamy Baileys and prepare yourself. Dont watch this one at night. 3. Fat Kids Falling – It’s funny because they’re fat. 4. Don’t Do It in the Park – Getting kicked out of a spot has never been so entertaining. 5. Wind Knocked Out Moaning Read more [...]Read More

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